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::::::::::::::::   MPS Candidate-2007  
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::::::::::::::::   Toy Design Workshop  
      Preliminary Project Presentation.

I would like to work one of a couple of prototype bracelets for a children’s toy relating to a superhero. These bracelets will allow remote communication between users, and access to a file digitally and physically. This bracelet will allow the user to summon her friends, but in the story, the bracelet allows her to clone herself instantly with some variation to fight evil. The superhero can clone herself so that each kid wearing one of these bracelets plays one instance of the same character.

The other idea is passing notes by having a magnetic switch that resets the bluetooth device so that you can pass a note just by physically touching "your clone's" bracelet. I am also considering a suggestion on creating a "viral" game.

This concept comes from twins and their telepathic bond, extended to universal sisterhood and community. The target market is for girls between ages of 5-13 years.

Inspiration Board (more)

The look of the fantasy superhero character will have a Japanese and futuristic aesthetic:

Research of jewelry design, from classic to abstract and organic:

I want to embed the technology in the bracelet. The aesthetic is futuristic.

First Protototype:

Mock-up of "Hide-Box." In my Living Art class, James Sears and I are experimenting with simulating the Northern Lights. We just purchased some 1-watt LED lights from Lumiled, and we experimented with etching a pattern on Plexiglas so that when the light hits the etching, it will refract multi-directional and also we would be able to control the pattern of the light. If this works, I may design a cube with a solenoid that can read the RF of the bracelet and allow access to the box, where a child may want to keep their diary. So when the child wants to hide her belongings, the sides of the "Hide Box" will light up, and switch-off for access.

Here's a sample wall of the "Hide-Box."

My next step is to play with RF links because they have a longer range.