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Final Proposal

Research Link

Design process and construction of the the streetlamp simulating Aurora light patterns.

We scrapped the etched Plexiglas idea for two reasons. The street lamp globe already has a lens that diffuses the light and the light emitted from through the etches was not strong enough to project through the second lens.

We still want to create a lens that we can control. We were hoping to control the 32 high output LED lights into 4 arrays , and control the patterns by reflecting them through multiple layers of the Plexiglas lens.

Lens Pattern Iterations:

We envision the lens to look sculptural:

James Nick Sears
worked on the design of the 4 circuit boards. We are going to use the circuit board instead of heat sinks.

We also worked on blurring the light arrays. See this pattern simulation here:

Sketches and Interface Design:


Link to Final Project