::::::::::::::::   Anne Hong    
::::::::::::::::   NYU | Tisch School | ITP    
::::::::::::::::   MPS Candidate-2007  
::::::::::::::::   studio@annehong.com  
::::::::::::::::   Industrial Design  
      Bent Iteration

This project had four requirements:

1. Use the laser cutter.
2. Dimensions, a minimum of 8.5 x 11 inches.
3. The material had to be bendable or foldable.
4. The object had to be beautiful.

I wanted to be experimental with some of the techniques. At first I wanted to combine my computational media class and make some glasses (lens and frame) that would distort a patterned simulation of skin. In my research of patterns, I chose a designer that were inspired by nature, Ted Muehling.

Research 01
Research 02
Research 03
Research 04

The first project was an experimentation of pattern. I wanted to make a seamless pattern of algae and I wanted each tile to express randomness. There were eight individual vector files. Here are the results.

In the second iteration, I tried to make a curtain of flora. I used a material called "Black-Out Fabric" which blocks light out. Unfortunately, the material was too thin, so some of the strands were torn off. I glued these strands to a screen.


In the final iteraltion, I tried to merge concepts of stereoscopic and zoetrope perspectives. I cut patterns into paper. When you move one page to the right or the left, the pattern is animated. My inspiration was a series of photographs that simulated this animation.