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These are photos of Amit Pitaru's trackball connected to the keyboard emulator.




Specs (From trackball to keyboard emulator):
0X -> 1LEFT
0X' -> 1RIGHT
0Y ->
0Y' -> 1UP

I had for a brief moment the X axis (both LEFT and RIGHT moving), but the Y-AXIS doesn't work. I checked the YSCAN, which connects to ground, and there is a small hole, deliberately (but it looks like it connects it to the YSCAN pin, which indicates a disconnect. I plan on checking Amit's trackball to see if there's a hole on it. Below is a photo of it.

This photo was taken from SparkFun's site, and there's no hole there.

Amit was right about the pre-fabbed hole in the trackball connector. I did test the keyboard emulator, and LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN were working. I did check the trackball, but only 0X' worked. Here's the result of my test.

As you can see, the LED's were connected to a resistor and to 0X, 0X', 0Y, 0Y', and GROUND, and only the 0X' (RIGHT direction) worked. The second LED lit, and the other three stayed dim.