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Time-Telling Device for The Blind


Initial sketches:


This time-telling device designed for the blind is unconventional, as it is not worn on the wrist. It is designed as a ring that has a hidden microphone, speaker and chip, which has voice recognition features. Depending on if there is an RFID tag in it, the unique number would register what time zone they are in, similar to the computer clock. To reset the time, the user would whisper, "set time" or "set alarm." There is also an accelerometer that would measure motion, like a simple wave gesture can tell time (and these features could be customized, which would accomodate the user).

Why a ring? First of all, it is inconspicuous and ornamental. It can be worn comfortably by the user if he/she had to hold the leash of a seeing-eye dog or a cane. Also, the hand/tactility can be as sensitive as sight.

Two prototypes I am working on can be worn on the finger. The first was inspired by this toy I found, where each pin looks like a pixel. A miniature version of this toy on a ring can act as a tactile screen that can communicate the time.





Setting an alarm. Choose an alarm sound.
time_715 time_730
time_745 time_800
time_815 time_830
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